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    Top-Up to the next level

    More and more people are using prepaid mobile phones. We have innovative technical solutions for the prepaid market.
    Prepaid Services

  • Bergsitzer
    Anytime. Anywhere.

    With our White Label solution, T&M Communications GmbH offers you a complete solution for your own prepaid top-up service.
    Business Solutions

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    Reach new heights

    B2B partners can operate our prepaid service as a standalone webshop. In your own corporate design, of course.
    T&M Communications GmbH

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The world is prepaid...

The core competence of T&M Communications GmbH is in the wireless Prepaid Services segment.

Due to the proprietary prepaid service platform Isoptera, T&M Communications GmbH operates not only as a technology company, but also as a provider of prepaid top-up solutions.

Under the brand prelado - T&M Communications GmbH operates its own prepaid mobile top-up platform for the consumer, via web, mobile web and app in real time. The T&M Communications GmbH smartphone apps (Android & iOS) offer users a free, vendor-neutral real-time credit display.

This innovative platform can be provided as White Label BASIC  and White Label PRO solutions for interest partners.

T&M Communications GmbH

80335 Muenchen

MAIL service@isoptera.net